El Revoltijo de Orgy

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Hans Silvester

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Lucy Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann are Zim & Zou, a French studio based in Nancy. Giving a dynamic edge to three-dimensional art and installation, the duo prefers using with “real objects”, such as paper, rather than digital rendering on a computer, giving a fresh perspective to intricate works of paper sculptures and installations. 

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Me When I Asked My Friend Could I See His Dick! 

Been sucking it for a month straight now….see kids dreams really do come true


Its back!!!! Lawd

Some people really do have irrational stupid fears

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Matteo Pontonutt (UK) - Photo Manipulations


I’m Not A Joke (No Soy Tu Chiste) was begun in Venezuela on January 23, 2013 by writer, illustrator, and activist Daniel Arzola (@Arzola_d) It became the first Venezuelan viral campaign that through art raised awareness of the prejudice and violent acts performed against the LGBTI community around the world. Within only 6 months of its creation the campaign has reached more than a million people in more than thirty countries including Russia, where it is used today illegally as a tool for human rights protests. Today, the campaign is available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, and holds 50 illustrated posters that through the psychology of color illustrate matters dealing with same-sex marriage, gender roles, bullying, and a variety of other current social issues. It has become viral on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. 

Shop: http://society6.com/Arzolad

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would happily live there

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live and let die

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